Membership rules and benefits


Annual Fee: $135 * due on the first day of September ($160 for membership renewals received after Oct. 31. Board members receive 40% discount.)

Make checks payable to: RISCC, P.O. Box 9012, Pawtucket, RI 02862

Membership Period: September 1st thru August 31st

The management company and project site carry the membership and may transfer it to a new hire as necessary. The original RSC will also maintain membership status for the remainder of the period. ** RSCs may join anytime during the membership period; however, the fee will not be pro-rated. Membership cards will be issued.

RISCC Members and Non-Members will:

  • Be listed in the RSC Directory
  • Receive E-Blasts
  • Receive notices of trainings, events, and activities
  • Receive the New RSC Packet (new RSCs only)

Membership Benefits:

  • 4-5 trainings and the annual meeting & luncheon
  • No fee for manager attending trainings with RSC **
  • Reduced rates for other special events or activities
  • Members' Web site and Facebook access
  • No additional fees for certification of new RSCs achieving the initial 36 hours of training and for annual certification of current RSCs gaining at least 15 hours of training.
  • The privilege to vote and serve as a leader of the organization

Non-Member fees: ****

  • $30 for each RISCC training (4-5 per year)
  • $40 or more for the annual meeting & luncheon
  • $75 for (initial 36 hr.) certification of a new RSC
  • $30 for annual recertification
Established June 1, 2009 | * Amended 5-18-2012 | ** Amended 8-16-2010 | *** Amended 8-6-2015 | **** Amended 8-5-2016